Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t think we need everything that you do at RCR Consulting Group. Is there a way we can have just a few of your Services?

Of course! We understand many small businesses and are just starting out and not sure how much support they may need which is why we offer our a la carte and project based services. 

Do I have to switch payroll companies to use your services?

There is no need to switch from your current payroll provider, the team has experience processing payroll on a wide range of platforms and services including ADP, Ceridian, Gusto, Paychex, Paylocity, Quickbooks, Rippling and Paycor

What industries do you specialize in?

We have supported clients in almost every industry from construction, solar, energy, oil and gas, IT (managed services, cloud, cybersecurity, software, etc), marketing, non-profits, restaurant, box retailers, e-commerce, beauty, government, manufacturing, real estate, property management, healthcare, mental health and the list goes on.  Be rest assured, you are in great hands and we can quickly come up to speed on what your businesses individual needs are.

I think I am too small for HR?

As soon as a business begins to think about hiring their first employee, they should engage an HR professional to ensure they are setting the business and the employee up for success.  This includes setting up payroll systems, registering for withholding, unemployment, and making sure you have the right insurance in place.    Not to mention the importance of making the right hire and positive on-boarding experience.

Why would I use you versus one of the HR Pros advertised for $99 a month?

Great question! As a small business ourselves we 100% understand budgets and how attractive this could be.  In order for these businesses to keep prices low the HR Managers support dozens of clients, and the guidance, while not bad tends to be very cookie cutter, one size fits all approach. Based on feedback from our current clients that made the switch they became frustrated with the lack of understanding of their business, their needs, the needs of their employees and the culture they were trying to build.

We already have an HR department. How can I use RCR Consulting Group?

Several of our clients have their own internal HR team and we compliment their teams and support them in a variety of ways from offering coaching and mentoring to the staff, providing extra hands during spikes like hiring or performance reviews, to assisting with things like providing third party investigations on employee matters and conducting HR audits.

We do not already have an HR Department. How can I use RCR Consulting Group?

THIS is the reason we started RCR Consulting Group!  All small businesses need HR support, but very few had HR support as it just doesn’t make sense to hire a full time HR person for a small business, you need what we call Fractional HR support. With RCR Consulting Group, you get an HR department that will rival any fortune 500 company at a fraction of the price you would pay for full time internal support.

Why would I hire RCR Consulting Group versus my own HR Manager?

By Hiring RCR Consulting Group, you get all of the benefits of hiring your own HR manager, a dedicated resource who knows you, your employees and your business PLUS experts in every area of HR from the tactical day to day to the strategic.  We have a proven track record of providing stellar HR Support in every facet of HR, just read our reviews or ask our clients!

Why do some of your employees also show working for Kaizen HC?

Kaizen Human Capital is an evidence-based organization development, leadership coaching and human resources consulting firm. Kaizen Human Captial and RCR Consulting Group formed a joint venture to provide support to clients. Depending on the size and need of the client, clients may be supported under Kaizen or RCR Consulting Group but all clients benefit from the expertise and resources of the sister organizations. 

How do we get started?

Contact us today: or via phone 202-430-6282